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Our Program Includes

Soft Skills

Good communication skill is must for career growth and English is the preferred language for communication in the corporate world. Anybody who wishes to make a successful career needs to have a strong command over this language. Most of us find it difficult to learn the nuances of this language because we are not brought up in an English speaking atmosphere. English speaking courses can help a lot if you have a desire to gain soft skill.

Listening Skills

The most important thing to learn is to listen. Listening comprehension is probably the most difficult task for almost all learners of English as a foreign language. So we conduct many activities for improving listening skills in our institute such as:

  • We play English songs.
  • We play English speech.
News Paper Reading
In this institute we conduct News Paper Reading activity. It is beneficial for students. It helps students to learn a lot of vocabulary, increase English reading speed. Another benefit of it, is that one can improve his knowledge and is always up to date about whats going on around the world. In our institute we provide right kind of newspaper to students for better learning.
Hesitation Removing

A moment of hesitation may cause you a lifetime of regrets, you may have heard these lines. In our institute, we conduct activities that will remove your hesitation, that includes Stage performance, Group discussion, Seminars, Quiz programs and many more. It’s completely a psychological process to remove hesitation and build new confidence and spirit, No hesitation any more. Come to join us and be a part of Kanhaiya Classes.

Public Speaking

Speaking in public is very difficult for most people, Our program includes such process that will inculcate a quality in you for not only speaking in public, but also speaking fluently with confidence. Just give it a try, for sure your lifestyle will get changed in a new and energetic way. Come and join us 🙂

Confidence Building

We hate insecurities in people, We designed our program in such a way that, you will learn not only English but Also the confidence to speak it.

  • Using drama as an opportunity for expression of feelings and ideas rather than a performance.
  • Provides a fun and stress-free environment for learning.
  • Creates physical stimulation to sustain active learning.
  • Helps students gaining courage to speak English.
  • Encourages active thinking and creativity.

What are you waiting for…. Be a member of a whole new environment.

Competitive English

With an intensely competitive environment you won’t need to fear about English in competitive exams. English is a major part of almost all competitive exams. If you fight an Job Interview, you would be asked all questionnaires in English, After this training program you don’t need to worry about it. This program includes:

  • Vocabulary test
  • Comprehension skills
  • Grammar test
Personality Grooming

This program will give the confidence and the personality for you to be able to handle real life situations. The academy has been successfully conducting corporate grooming workshops, children grooming, communication skills, personality workshops apart from personality development courses and English speaking courses. The Institute also undertakes seminar services.

Life Time Membership

We provide a very different facility that is LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP, which gives you a platform to intract with different-different people of different ideas, which keeps the foundation of ideas ON.

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